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For the month of November and December we are offering the first 25 computers under maintenance for free (total for a month) or an iPad mini or Samsung tablet! All deals signed before December 31st 2015 will qualify. If your company has less than 25 devices to manage we will offer the first month of service for free. Call us to discuss the details.

Our managed IT services cover a full spectrum of technology solutions, including remote monitoring and management of your networks, cloud and local backups, 24/7 service desk support for users, Webroot anti-virus, security patch management, and business continuity solutions to ensure your company is prepared for any possible disruption.

Click here to see details of a few of our offerings www.cloudservertechs.com

E-mail: umphlett@cloudservertechs.com or call 252-548-6011 to learn more about how to start your free service or get a tablet for FREE just in time for Christmas!

Bobby Umphelett
Cloud Server Techs